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    Inspiring Words from The Judges

    Mr Theseus Chan

    “Outstanding creators are not rigid, dare to question and challenge the present situation. Don't let your creativity be bound by rules and restraint; be daring to break norms, this way, we can create a culture of innovation.”

    Ms Lim Sau Hoong

    “Always keep a childlike heart. With a solid foundation in aesthetics and culture heritage, be courageous to break your limit and surpass yourself. Extend your horizon infinitely. The bigger your heart, the bigger the stage.”

    Mr Nathan Yong

    “A good designer should be curious, enthusiastic, inquisitive, good at analysis, dare to rebel and not afraid to question conventional things and thinking. Be empathetic, imaginative, daring to explore, constantly absorbing new knowledge to be at the front of the trend, tactful, daring to ridicule the status quo, and most importantly to be honest and just."