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1. Tropical is the Flower in a Sunset

Kitty Jeun

Kitty Jeun


Art Student, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

‘Wagashi’ is a traditional Japanese sweet confection art form. Usually created by chefs, every ‘wagashi’ design tells a different story. In this series, the ‘wagashi’ represents the beautiful but fleeting sunset in the tropics. Sunset ‘Wagashi’ conveys its story with the Konjac Jelly representing colours of the dusk clouds, complemented by ‘Nerikiri’ paste portraying the sunset in tropical Singapore. The transparent serving plate and tool narrate the reflective sunset on the landscape of Singapore, revealing the vivid colours depicted through the Dichroic-serving platform.

2. Project 肇 (ZHAO)

Benjamin Koh Zhi Hong


Garment Technologist

This modular garment design concept is birthed from the hate of cheap fast fashion and the desire for sustainable fashion and living. The design enables one to replace worn parts or exchange new parts to maintain the novelty of having a ‘new’ piece of clothing. One can expand the wardrobe indefinitely with permutations of different parts, coming together creatively into a piece of unique clothing. Thus, you can keep fashion sustainable, and still have new clothes. The Chinese character 肇 aspires to create a fresh perception of how we can use fashion to make a difference to our environment.

3. Pulse

Mai Yu Yan, Benjamin Lee

Mai Yu Yan (21), Benjamin Lee (24)

Design Students, Lasalle College of the Arts

Paying homage to the endangered Pangolin, an animal native to Singapore, Pulse offers a new take on how an animal barrier operates. It uses both visual and audio cues to ward animals away, eliminating the need for a physical barrier. With the help of motion sensors, a high frequency is emitted when an animal is detected. The spine and scale arch up to detect the threat of an unknown predator. Pulse protects endangered species without disrupting the environment.

4. Sprout

Eugene Lee Joon Kiat


Student, Art, Design and Media (Product Design), Nanyang Technological University

SPROUT is a wall-mounted rain barrel designed to make collecting rainwater easier within residential premises. SPROUT aims to foster wiser water usage by minimizing the use of clean water for non-potable use. The ‘free’ water can be used for non-potable purposes such as sanitation and irrigation. In response to water scarcity, let us sprout the seeds of re-thinking our relationship with water!

5. XUAN Table

Jessica Wong


Creative Director & Co-founder, Scene Shang

The ‘XUAN’ Table is quintessentially Singaporean in the design – paying homage to culture and tradition. Using geometric diagrams and rotational curves, the square table was divided into triangles first, inspired by an avant-garde 1960s-style, three-sided mahjong table, chanced upon at the Goh Loo Club. The table can be transformed from a slim console, to a triangular table, to a square one. It is crafted out of specially selected Rengas wood for the surface and paired with FSC certified beech wood. Tucked into its centre are hidden compartments that house a set of rosewood mahjong tiles.

6. Garden City

Eugene Wong


Graphic Designer, Scene Shang, Local Brand

The Garden City of Singapore is recreated in this series of paper diffusers inspired by the greenery woven into the urban sprawl of our island city. Carefully measured lines capped off in gentle slopes marry the silhouette of polished urban facades with that of shady canopies. The forms of the foliage are extracted from trees commonly found around Singapore, such as the Rain Tree and the Angsana.

7. Outline Rattan Stool

David Jonathan Ui


Design Student, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Dynamically light and versatile stool, the Outline Rattan Stool is designed for Singapore’s compact living culture. Hence, it was created using minimum structure to achieve a balance between lightness, function and aesthetic. The portable, space-saving stool is versatile enough to be used as ottoman. Furthermore, the natural weaving work is perfect for the humid tropics. Outline carries the spirit of Singapore in a current market saturated with Western-influenced designs. With its minimal and honest look, this rattan stool repackages nostalgia with a contemporary look to appeal to the younger generation.

8. Chew

Tommy Cheong, Lim Jing Jie, Kevin Yeo

Tommy Cheong (25), Lim Jing Jie (23), Kevin Yeo (25)

Industrial Design Year 3 Students, National University of Singapore

Reinventing reusable aluminium straws with four innovations, CHEW is designed to keep sipping effortless and enjoyable. Firstly, the straw can be quickly spun dry after a quick rinse through a twirling motion. Secondly, the tip of the straw is made of food-grade silicone so you may chew on it without worry. Designed to be portable, breaking CHEW into two allows you to slip it into any pocket, while CHEW’s friendly recycled plastic case allows for easy assembly. Finally, CHEW’s case includes a small tip for you to cut a slit in the cover of your drink cup.

9. My Father’s Radio | The Beat Goes On

Teo Soon Guan


Product Design Lecturer, Institute of Technical Education

Nostalgia abounds when you can re-fashion heirlooms and everyday items our forefathers had used into something new, useful and beautiful. The message is about ‘timeless quality and responsible usage’. Each person’s effort to repurpose is a step towards ‘micro-sustainability’. My late father’s repurposed radio makes a good bonding and conversation piece. It encapsulates the frugality of a time when needs were simpler and where nothing is ever wasted. The ‘sentiments & value’ of our forefathers live on if we prolong the lifespan and use these objects responsibly, meaningfully. It’s a Singapore Story of thrift and endeavour.

10. Igloohome Smart Padlock


Smart Lock Producer

The Igloohome Smart Padlock is a versatile, remotely managed security solution that provides users with convenient access control to their properties and assets. Users can manage access via the Igloohome app by creating create PIN codes or Bluetooth keys, from anywhere in the world. It does not need to be connected to the Internet, making it suitable for properties with weak/no Wi-Fi. Its applications range from securing personal properties to cell towers or utility facilities. Security features include keypad security lockout, auto relocking, masking security code, secured battery cover and emergency jumpstart using a DC9V battery.