Harnessing Creativity For Posterity

Every society is defined by the uniqueness of its culture and history, which can never be replicated and experienced anywhere else. The Singapore Creator Awards is a design competition that was initiated in 2018 (previously known as Singapore Creative Awards) with the mission of spurring innovation and creativity infused with Singapore culture.

Encapsulating Culture Through Design

The Singapore Creator Awards encompasses two categories: Graphic Design and Lifestyle Product. Competitors are required to create artworks or products that exemplify a unique quality of Singapore lifestyle, culture or heritage.Entries for the competition are garnered via a series of three advertisements. A pair of hands is used as the main visual element of Singapore Creator Awards 2019 to denote creativity and craftsmanship. In each advertisement, a different product - an Ang Ku Kueh stool, a Peranakan purse and a pencil with Toa Payoh dragon head playground – is held within the pair of hands. It symbolises how each of us may be inspired by our culture and craft creative works with the Singaporean essence.

Banking On A Strong Partnership

This year, DBS joined the fray, not only to foster and enrich our cultural heritage, but also to instill into every member of our community the importance of environmental protection.

A subsidiary award category, themed “Recycle more, Waste less” has been included, and a $3,000 cash prize is sponsored by DBS towards this initiative.

Developing A New National Consciousness

The aim of the “Recycle more, Waste less” Award is to recognise talented local designers with innovative ideas and design concepts that can help solve environmental problems in Singapore. Using their creativity and skills, participants are required to make effective use of recycled/reused materials to produce impactful solutions that would inspire people to play a part in building a more sustainable future for Singapore.

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